How to turn your special day into a romantic limo wedding escape of sweet serenading love.
The wedding day is one of the most holy and sacred traditions of mankind. It is one of the oldest and most noblest traditions still held. Anything you can do to make this day more special should be considered, and a limo will definitely help complete your day.

We offer a wedding package complete with bouquets of roses and more. Give us a call for the full details of our wedding packages.

Celebrate your romantic union of companionship with a luxurious limo escape with these easy steps.

1. No need to worry if you’ve had too many celebratory cocktails, your limo will already be waiting for you, we’ll be your designated driver.

2. One less thing to worry about. When it comes to planning for a wedding, there is a lot of details and preparation. Sometimes its easy to forget that it’s YOUR day! By having your limousine waiting for your private escape, you will have one less thing to worry about.

3. Allow a stress free ride away from your place of holy matrimony. Keep your mind off the road and put focus where it needs to be. On your day of love, it’s about only you and your significant other so keep your mind in the seat of privacy while we safely take you on your way.

4. Bring the gang! Share the love by bringing your friends with you to a romantic dinner or after party. Of course there is always the option take a special date for two on the way to your honeymoon escape.

We can arrange for pick up from or to a wedding at simply the dial of the button. Choose from our fleet to get the most superb limo to make your wedding the memory of a lifetime.

We make it really easy for you. It’s simple as filling out the Quick Form for a Free Quote or reach us immediately by calling 619-600-5042.

Ever wanted to take a limousine on your special day to arrive at your destination? Let us be of service to you. Do it with quality and style, out of love and companionship. We are second to none in San Diego limo rental service with our wedding arrangements.

We want You to feel a certain sense of love and privacy and accomplishment on your wedding day. This is such a special moment that comes once in our lives that it must be treated as such.

At the same time, your wedding day should be exciting and filled with joy – the less stress the better and with our limousines that is exactly what you get. You can rest your head back on your hubby’s shoulder knowing that you are in the safe, loving and comforting arms of the man you are going to spend the rest of your life with.

Raise the privacy glass, just do it. Today is your special day for you and your lover and you don’t owe an explanation or an apology to anyone. Crack open the champagne, even share a few tears, love each other in the back of the limo. Talk about anything you want to  as you are chauffeured privately on the road of life.

A San Diego Limousine is the perfect kick starter to your honeymoon. Nothing is romantic like a private limo. All of the glass is so well tinted, nobody can see inside, people are left to wonder. The only opening will be the sun roof if you want it, the AC will keep you nice and cool on the way to your honeymoon.

So on your wedding day, on the way to your honeymoon, enjoy our specialty arrangement for weddings in your very own private limo.

We wish you the best on these new steps of life, which we know is fragile and takes much work. So we give props to you for taking these bold steps. We look forward to seeing you here at San Diego Limousine