Seasonal Events


How to get the most out of any seasonal event with a limo in San Diego, California.
Have you been thinking about taking a local tour of the Temecula Vineyard Fields? How about going to the Del Mar Fairgrounds for live music, the horse races or the fair!? Book your limo with San Diego Limousine and experience the ultimate lavish life of luxury. We even do tours of Baja California!

1. Take a trip to the local fairgrounds. With all of the pleasure to be had at the local fairgrounds, make the day even better with a luxurious limo ride. Let the horses skip a beat while you claim your right of luxury.

2. Get some local surf and turf in the beautiful city of Rosarito. Baja California has some beautiful sites to see. With San Diego Limousine, you can count that you will be safe and dine at the finest places in Mexico. Maybe even make your way to the beach for some memorable photos.

3. Take a day out to Temecula to enjoy the wine tasting tours! View the sights from the luxury and privacy of your limo and full bar, TV’s, sound system and AC to match.

4. Make any event better with a limousine. With the comfort and luxury of a limousine, you will make any experience extraordinary. Enjoy the fully stocked wet bar, neon lights, and dashing interior. Feel the freshly sown leather against your skin and even let in the beautiful San Diego sunshine through the sun roof.

Have another local seasonal event in mind? No problem. Give us call at 619-600-5042 fill in the form to get an instant quote!