It’s that special day that comes around only once a year. Why not make it extravagant!? We understand that taking a limo is not an average thing thing to do and that YOU want this experience to be above and beyond. You will be turning heads with San Diego Limousine

1. Choose your size limo that can seat any arrangement. Sit back in the comforting silky leather seats and pop a cap of bubbly! Bring the whole gang to share the good laughs with the background music to compliment -on the go!  No mater the size of your party, we have a limousine that will fully accommodate every passenger. Enjoy a spacious limo and have lots of fun.

2. Fully stocked wet bar and sound system will keep the party going all through the day and long into the night if you desire. CD/DVD is included with plasma TV’s. In San Diego, it’s always summer so crank up the Dual AC to escape the heat. Enjoy your privacy through tinted windows and the comfort of a sun roof, you may even want to scream your excitement out of it!

3. It’s your party, tell us what YOU want – at any age. Enjoy a full stocked bar with soda ready for kids and some bubbly champagne for the adults. Maybe you enjoy beer, or, skip right ahead to the hard stuff. Play your favorite music or any DVD while you sink into the soft leather seats and relax stress free.

4. Make an appearance. Heading to the Gaslamp Quarters of downtown San Diego? Arrive in style and make a bold impression. Let everyone know today you are not ordinary. Turn heads at any destination and know that your limo will be waiting for you everywhere you go.

5. Have fun, enjoy lot’s of laughs. It really doesn’t matter what you do or where you go because you’re in a limo! Maybe take along the scenic route to La Jolla. Let us know if you want more space to stand up and move around like a limo party bus. The hummer is also a ton of fun!

So if you want to kick back, let lose and maybe let your wild side out on the way to your destination, do it! We will be there for you through your whole experience.

It’s super simple. All you have to do is fill the Quote Form to reserve your space and get a free quote! Quick and easy. If you have any questions or would like to book over the phone, please call 619-600-5042 right now!

Adult Birthday Limos

We will make your birthday extravagant with a limo in San Diego. Give your friends something to talk about, something exciting and out of the ordinary with a luxurious limo. Sometimes when birthdays come around, people get sad… not with a limo. A limo and some good friends will turn any “dull” birthday into the birthday of a lifetime.

The beauty of limos is it doesn’t really matter where you go, the party will always follow because you have the luxury, and sweet serenity with you the whole way – you’re riding in it!

Other great things about limos on your birthday is that you can pick up your friends at their house and make everyone feel like rock stars. Or you can have all your friends be already picked up in your limo and then have them pick you up last so that You feel like the real rock star (which, by the way you are considering it is YOUR birthday!

Have some fun, even get a little wild, that’s the best part  – you’re not responsible for what happens, your friends are considering it’s your birthday. Let loose and have fun in your limo. Just give into the feeling of the moment. The hummer limos and larger escalade limos are perfect for this because you have lots of space to get up, move and walk around.

You can even get a limo party bus for some real fun on your birthday. Who wouldn’t want to ride on a party limo bus? Can anyone say Pacific Beach party time? The girls are waiting.. Maybe down town, Gas Lamp District? I’m sure heads will be turning to see a massive limousine with a bunch of rock stars in it! And it will definitely catch the attention of some ladies too.

There are really so many things to do, your night is only limited by your imagination. So grab some beers, bring some good friends, maybe something harder, and get ready for one birthday in a limo that you will never forget!