Bachelor Parties

How to create a killer Bachelor Party with a limo that will be one extravagant night of debauchery.
Are you having a bachelor party soon and don’t know what to do? Or do you want to surprise your friend for his bachelor party? Sometimes all you need is a limousine, a couple of friends, and A LOT of drinks!

When it comes to your bachelor party, there should be no holding back. This is a night that happens once in a lifetime so make it count with San Diego Limousine.

1. Make the party. When you get a limo, everywhere you go becomes the party. Cruise the streets like a boss and let everyone know it’s your friend’s last few days of freedom! Even pick up some strangers along the way to really spice up the night.

2. Make an impression. Whether you’re going downtown to the Gaslamp Quarters or out for a fun day of paint ball, you will be riding in style. Shoot off a few rounds at the local firing range or even get some rounds of mini golf in until the night sets in on all wild sides come out.

3. Allow yourself to let loose! Hey man, it is a bachelor party, everyone is supposed to have fun! Let us be your designated driver so that even Tom can participate in the fun when you’re club hopping downtown. Miller’s Field and BASSMENT have been know to get crazy late into the night.

4. Fully stocked limousines. We will have a fully stocked wet bar ready at your service. Break out the champagne and some classy flutes to toast your friend’s memorable night -or fill it with a 30 pack of beer! Pop out the sunroof to get some attention and maybe even pick up some ladies.

All you have to do is fill out the form to get an instant quote! Give us a call anytime at 619-600-5042 and let the debauchery begin.

It’s time for your bachelor party and you want to make it the best one ever seen. You may ask how can I create the bachelor party of a lifetime? Or how do I make my bachelor party super awesome? Well, good news to you because San Diego Limousine is the answer!

We do just that, we make bachelor parties awesome because you’re in a limo! And nothing is quite as fun as being chauffeured around town in your own private limo. You get to stare out the heavily tinted windows at all the “regulars” and laugh because today you are awesome.

Give your boy the experience of a lifetime for his bachelor party, or create it for yourself with a limo ride. Grab some fresh beers to fill up the wet bar, (you’ll already have champagne) and maybe some whiskey or something harder! (you won’t regret it).

But! Before you start drinking, plan out what you want to do with your time in a limo. Dress classy, and maybe head downtown? Burlesque show? The Suicide girls might be in town. But, if you want to go to the shooting range, you may want to lay off the liquor and save it for the partying afterwards. After all, you don’t need anyone getting hurt or going to jail, it may be a bachelor party but save the debauchery for the clubs!

You can also go mini golfing, see a comedy show or even patrol the streets with the guys and holler at some women! Girls love bachelor parties, and even more, girls love limos. Can you say win win? Just don’t tell the bride to be, tell you what it will be our little secret.

So grab the gang for your bachelor party and some nice clothes because your going to love sinking back into the leather seats of your own executive limo with the boys and laughing about the night of debauchery that lay ahead.

Have some fun! Hit up down town, maybe even Pacific Beach, La Jolla has some great comedy shows and even classier women.

The night is in your hands, it is what you make of it and only limited by your imagination.

So have fun, get wild, let loose and enjoy your bachelor party with San Diego Limousine.